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ECYD in Washington DC offers numerous missions and events throughout the year. These missions and events are for middle and high school young men, and young adults who enjoy experiencing the faith through apostolate and working together with their friends. Among these events are mission trips to poor places, such as an annual trip to Jamaica, a Father – Daughter mission to New Orleans to, and a Father – Son mission to the crow nation of Montana. These missions are life-changing experiences for the young people; their eyes are opened to the suffering in the world and its need of young men transformed by their Catholic youth and committed to living a Christ-like charity.

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There are also monthly missions which take place locally. Some examples are feeding and attending to the homeless, praying outside of abortion clinics, visiting a mall in Virginia, downtown Bethesda and the National Zoo in Washington DC to evangelize the people there.

The young men and women experience the joy of being an apostle and become aware of what it means to be a witness to their faith. Often the people they are talking to have fallen away from their faith and are inspired by the enthusiasm of the missionaries.  From these events come lasting friendships and profound faith.

Boy’s Missions and Events for 2017 – 18

Girl’s Missions and Events for 2017 – 18

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