Camp Castleton

At the end of his first visit to Camp Castleton, one boy was asked why this camp was different.  He answered with excitement, “Everyone here is so happy.  I think it is because they love God.”
Camp Castleton is the main site for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC’s ECYD weekend camps throughout the year, including events for boys and girls in middle school, high school, and fathers and sons.  There are
also camps during the summer. 
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Each year around 250 youth venture out Castleton, VA, to experience the Catholic faith in a new and powerful way.

The objective of the Camp Castleton is that of ECYD: to help the youth grow in their friendship with Christ and leave inspired to serve God and their neighbor in concrete ways.  At the camp, the boys and girls are put on teams and compete in various sports, games, and challenges.  But an even greater emphasis is given to virtuous acts to help motivate the kids to live the themes being proposed for that particular camp: charity, perseverance, honesty, teamwork, faith, or others.  The sacraments of mass and confession are offered each day, along with adoration, gospel reflections, and talks by the priests, brothers, missionaries, and counselors.  


Boy’s Events at Camp Castleton 2017 – 18

Girl’s Events at Camp Castleton 2017 – 18



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